Coming from the west on Hwy 2 (Wenatchee/Monitor), or coming south down Hwy 2/ 97 from Orondo:  at intersection of Hwy 2 / SR 28 / Eastmont Ave, take Eastmont up the hill.  Turn left on Fancher Field Rd and continue up the hill.  Turn left on Gun Club Rd.  If you hit Badger Mountain Rd. go back approx. 1/4 mile.

Coming from the south on SR 98 / Sunset Hwy from Rock Island / East Wenatchee:  turn right on light at 19th St. NE.  Proceed up the hill past the country club until 19th tees into Eastmont Ave and turn left onto Eastmont.  Follow Eastmont up the hill and turn right onto Badger Mountain Rd.  

Once on top of the plateau, past the housing on the left, turn left on Fancher Field Rd.  Proceed approx. 1/4 mile and turn right on Gun Club Rd.